Well, today I finally get to say what’s been a long time coming…I launched a NEW brand and website!!!!! This site has been “under construction” for long enough!! No more emails from clients starting with, "Do you have a website?" I'm literally so excited! 

I wanted a place to showcase my growth, because after all, growth is important for being deeply rooted in my passion!!  I have always desired a little corner of the Internet to call my own. One that I can showcase my style, wonderful clients and express my personality for anyone who wants to listen, oh ya, and blog about my favorite moments in life, like my own wedding plan experiences and how Andrew and I do life! 

Web/Logo Design: Susie Marie Photography

“I think you should just go for it!” What I finally had to hear before I could make waves with launching a website and brand. Sometimes you just need help and that’s why I sought out Susie after meeting her at one of our monthly creative meetings.....and let me tell you, Susie has been a dream to work with. She helped me to express my brand, deeply rooted in Love Life and Emotion.

Without further adieu, I introduce to you - my new brand & website!! Go check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!!

Photo taken by our sweet friend, Elizabeth Conley Studios