Brittany + Austin | Engaged

Holy Moly, my first blog post in literally way too long. I actually shot this session a little over 2 weeks ago, and have since been patiently waiting for the perfect snow day to share it with all of you!

Since we are in the midst of a polar vortex, I thought today would be the perfect time to share Brittany + Austin’s snowy and cozy engagement! I have shot in the pines before, but oh my, the way the snow collects on each crevice of a new branch brought a whole new beauty to these pines. It really is winter’s art. The way the ground turns into a blank canvas and the branches have the perfect amount of snow to make them hang low. I have always felt inspired by all the colors of the forest, especially winter’s forest and could shoot here all the time.

Brittany + Austin are getting married this year at The VUE Columbus. They both radiate energy, the kind you can’t wait to be around again and again. They have also already hired some of my favorite vendors to work with! It’s going to be gorgeous!

Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_2
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_3
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_4
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_5
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_6
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_7
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_8
Brittany + Austin Hoover Dam Westerville Ohio Aimee Thomas Photography_9

Also can we all appreciate that I learned how to make a GIF the other day? I think their snowball fight was fitting for my first GIF and a fun way to end our time together in the pines.


One Year Engaged-Proposal Story | Park of Roses

Andrew asked me to be his wife a year ago today. This year has flown by, possibly faster than any year I can remember. I think back to this day ALL. THE. TIME... It's a favorite day, one of my happiest memories to date. Before I share our proposal story its important to note that everyday with him is a surprise. From elaborate fully thought out birthdays, flowers just because, randomly booking me surprise head shots for my business, to what he will cook for dinner every night. It is all a surprise!! I'm not going to lie, sometimes this drives me nuts. Like crazy nuts!!! Its hard to meal plan, we go to the grocery store almost every day, and I hardly know if I am ever properly dressed for some of our adventures. But all in all I'm thankful for these moments. So when you read this story and you think how did she not see this will know that it is because I have a guy who does little surprises all the time. That a day like this day happens, not everyday, but often enough to keep our relationship exciting. I wouldn't change it for the world. I've learned not to ask so many questions and to just let this man surprise me here and there. 

Our Proposal Story

Thursday, August fourth, two thousand and sixteen. Two days before our 5 year anniversary and the only day Andrew and I had free to celebrate together that week.  Andrew was driving us around Clintonville, killing time before what I had thought was a surprise dinner date. We looked at all the beautiful homes, dreaming about one day owning a home of our own (we now own a house and I can't wait to blog about this soon). Since we had time to kill, I suggested we go to the park of roses to explore while we waited. Andrew has always talked about playing tennis at this park and I thought I could scout it for a future photo session. So....totally thinking it was my idea to go to the park, we drove in.

As soon as he started to drive through the park I spotted my best photo friend, Ashley Wallace! I immediately yelled for Andrew to stop the car and started to roll down the window with excitement. I jumped out of the car to hug Ashley and asked her why she was there, Ashley responded with, " I'm here to photograph you, silly!." I was shocked! Like completely shocked! Andrew, the man who never lets me take his photo, had surprised me with an Anniversary Session, at the Whetstone Park of Roses. Not only was I shocked, I was so happy that Ashley made me a flower crown for our session. I remember thinking in my head that I wouldn't have worn this outfit for our anniversary session if I would have known we were going to get our photo taken, but the flower crown made everything better. I instantly felt so pretty!  With all the excitement, I didn't have time to process everything that was about to happen. 

Less then 5 minutes into the session Andrew was down on one knee. I remember leaping over a gap in the cement and feeling Andrew shake on his way down. The specifics of what was said is a bit of a blur to both of us, but we will never forget the feeling. I had the pleasure of second shooting for Wallace for West during their entire 2016 wedding season, and I had never thought I would be one of their brides. We are so thankful that we have these images that document our emotion and excitement. I couldn't be more excited to have Wallace capture our wedding in less than 2 short months. 

After the proposal, newly engaged us enjoyed a celebratory dinner at M at Miranova. An old friend was working there, poured us some champagne, and took our picture. We texted our closest friends and family the photo below. We laughed about all the signs that I had missed leading up to the moment. 

I later found out that Andrew had just contacted Ashley days prior to the proposal and thankfully she was able to fit us in.  He literally picked up the ring 3 hours prior to proposing and had never seen it in person yet since he had the ring made through a private jeweler. Andrew was hoping I would suggest going to this park because he had planted a seed for over a year about playing tennis there. He drove by the park three times before I noticed the entrance and "I" suggested going to the park, making me think it was my idea to drive in. Before the proposal, Andrew had never met Ashley so he had no idea what she even looked like. He said if I didn't spot her like a puppy excited to see its owner, he would have driven right past Ashley. Thinking back Ashley had a grin on her face when I saw her, if you know Ash you know this grin, and If I wasn't so excited to see her I totally would have known that she had something to tell me.  Andrew said he wasn't sure when during the session he was going to do it but Ashley pressed him to "DO IT NOW" hahaha. We look back and literally everything somehow went better than perfect. The only thing that didn't go as planned for Andrew was being able to contact my dad prior to the proposal to ask for permission. Andrew is full of surprises for me, and this surprise is my all time favorite.

iPhone photo on the patio of  M at Miranova  

iPhone photo on the patio of M at Miranova 


Demi's One Year Old | Cake Smash | In Home Session

I'm going to start by saying that I L.O.V.E. in home sessions. Almost as much as I adore my sweet friends.  Walking into their home and seeing a wall full of images you got to capture leading up to the arrival of their adorable girl, feels ohhh soo good. Demi's mom did great at coordinating outfits that mesh with their home accents and we ended Demi's session with a unicorn themed cake smash. Check it out....Demi makes a really cute unicorn. Here are a few of my favorites. 

"Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses"

Stephanie + Jim | Engagement Session - Capital University College Greenhouse

Sometimes you get to take photos of people that just make you smile. This is how I felt during our whole time together. I met Stephanie and Jim at Capital University, where they attended college. We spent a magical hour together exploring their campus and getting a feel for where they will be getting married. Stephanie told me ahead of time that there was a little green house attached to the building, but I was taken away by how perfect it was. Ahhh I can't wait to shoot their wedding here tomorrow!!