M  E  E  T    A  I  M  E  E 

Hi there! I’m Aimee and I’m so happy you’re here! I am a passionate dreamer, experience seeker, with a creative heart, based out of Columbus, Ohio. I have the most fulfilling job in the world, recording honest love between two individuals who pledge their lives to each other. It is the most heart-felt experience and it gets me every time.


I’ve photographed many moments over the last two years, but I’m all about deeply rooting my passion to focus on capturing real, honest love, life and emotion. Figuring out what fuels your relationship and shapes who you ultimately are to each other. The genuine life you live, every silly intimate moment that makes your love uniquely your own. I long to illustrate your everyday life, adventures and passions. That laugh, smile, emotion, and all the quiet and loud moments that occur in between. Most of all, I want my images to draw emotion that’s timeless for years to come... I DESIRE TO CAPTURE THAT FOR YOU! So, if you are a sucker for a good love story, beautiful locations and have an adventurous heart, then I seek to be more than just your photographer; please feel free to get in touch with me, I love meeting new people.